We know that a big trip is always a challenge, let us give you a hand


Dear participants,

As you have to complete your reservations by your own, we would like to provide you as much help as possible. In the form below there is a list of discounted hotels around the city  due to the event.

Tips before you book your hotel
1. Location: Vellidio Convention Center, Leoforos Stratou, Thessaloniki, Greece
2. Maximum distance: 4.000m
3. Check the map, in black you can see the roots of the shuttle services that will transfer team members and the participants to the venue during the event.

For extra information or if you face any difficulty do not hesitate to contact:  reservations@voyagertravel.gr 


FIRST® LEGO® League team members and coaches, volunteers and visitors that have been registered will have a full transport package from Airport to the official hotels and from the official hotels to the Venue during the event(4 days). FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. team members, coaches, volunteers and visitors that have been registered will have the trasport package available during their event(2 days).


You can complete your registration here.


The city of Thessaloniki is a vibrant modern metropolis. Built on the waters of the North Aegen sea, the city and its 1 million inhabitants are renowned for their hospitality and easy going lifestyle. It takes a walk on the "paralia" -the longest urban waterfront in Europe- to relax and feel the charm of
this unique Greek city. It takes a few hours in the city center to turn a stroll into time travel: from Alexander the Great and Aristotle the philosopher, to the inventive Romans or the pious Byzantines through to the lofty Ottomans and the cosmopolitan contemporary Greeks.

It takes less than a two-hour drive to the divine Mt Olympus for a climb or to the emerald waters of Halkidiki for a swim; add an hour or two to your day trip and visit Vergina, Pella and Dion to admire the grandeur of the Kingdom of the Macedons. Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece and a regional business hub and shopping Centre with an active commercial port, a significant local industrial activity, and the largest academic and research community in the country. The city is easy to explore. You can go anywhere in about 30 minutes. The climate is no exception: typically, Mediterranean with warm-to-hot summers, mild winters and an annual average of 300 days of sunshine.

(Source: thessalonikiconventionbureau, n.d.)


Here is a list of countries that need to obtain Visa before travelling to Greece: